We're making two very different but equally awesome racing games.

Two distinct VARIETIES of DiRT from two dedicated Codemasters teams.

DiRT Rally DiRT Rally 2.0
  • DiRT Rally
  • Feb 2019
  • TBC
  • Codemasters Southam
  • DIRT
  • Jun 2017
  • Oct 2020
  • Codemasters Cheshire

Why make two Dirt games?


A dedicated experience


Something for everyone


More ways to play

How will this work?

We have the best racing game people in the business, and we've assembled two incredible teams in two seperate locations to build two amazing games.

Here's what they have to say...

What it allows us to do is focus, very particularly, on two very different styles of off-road racing

Kyle Jobson Senior Producer, DiRT Rally 2.0

We're in a great position of knowing that each other's teams, and the other Codemasters teams, are on the other end of the phone.

Ross Gowing Game Director, DiRT Rally 2.0

The Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

No, because the two teams we have working under DiRT allow us to work separately on different titles. No time or focus is taken away from any game development.
Absolutely. Fans of the numbered DiRT games find the Rally series an enjoyable challenge and step up in terms of difficulty, whilst Rally fans find the numbered games a fun change of pace to their usual hardcore gameplay. It's not about sectioning off our players or experiences – it's about being able to deliver big on whatever preference you have when it comes to off-road racing.
It's all about the concept of the games, and how you experience them. In both series you'll find thrilling off-road racing with detailed gameplay and dedicated attention to detail, but delivered in very different ways. The Rally series strives to be realistic to a fault, whilst the numbered series is more forgiving and eager to push the envelope in terms of its overall feel. Both experiences have their supporters – so that's why we have two dedicated teams creating them.
All DiRT games draw on the successes of previous games in the series. Whilst the numbered series has always pushed the boundaries for extreme racing and combined style with racing, the Rally series has always aimed to put realism first, creating thrilling experiences through genuine difficulty and true-to-life gameplay.
Absolutely. Like all Codemasters titles, each DiRT game takes pride in creating thrilling racing experiences in their own way. Each game in the franchise offers multiple modes of play, customisation and progression, real-world locations to leave your mark on, and an incredible roster of rough-and-ready machines to race.

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